About us

Come to our vietnamese cooking class and learn how to cook the Vietnamese dishes VietNam are famous for, and found on every family’s table dishes like Pho, Banh Xeo, Pork caramelised….

This isn’t fusion cooking. This is traditional vietnamese cooking at its best. Balancing the ying and yang of flovours- sweet and sour, hot and salty. Each region of VietNam has its own specialities not only tasty but also healthy. In the north, HaNoi is known for its PHO aldente noodles and a hot clear beef broth, bursting with flavour from the fresh herbs.

This is traditionally eaten for breakfast, but good at any time of day.

The central regionhas an abundance of fried, steamed pancakes and dumplings they are perfect dipped in fish sauce or shrimp paste. To be specific, BANH XEO sizzles when cooking in the hot pan, giving this crispy golden pancake its name XEO XEO.

In the south of Vietnam, the famous dishes are hot and sour soup with catfish, and caramelised pork cooked in a clay pot. The southerner’s sweet toothis reflected in their cooking; marinading the pork with sugar, shallots, garlic, chilli and some extra caramel/molasses for good measure!

Come to a GIoan cooking class to experience all these traditional flavors and more. Learn how to make these dishes and take our family recipes home with you.

We have been offering our cooking classes since 2003. Our dedicated and gourmet chefs are Happy Hanh and Vina looking forward to sharing their secrets with you.


I started cooking when I was 12 years old in my Mother’s restaurant in Saigon where she would serve traditional Vietnames dishes to the local people and tourists who would visit us every day.  Always fresh, always tasty and always healthy.

I have taken her experience and passion for food to Hoi An and turned it into a school so that I can pass on everything to you.  We hope that you can take these new skills and appreciation of true Vietnamese flavours back home to share with your friends and family.

I have over 10 years’ experience in offering cooking classes. So why not register for our cooking classes teaching how to cook Vietnamese dishes? And you’ll really love cooking with our friendly instructor!

Tour cooking procedure runs as follows:

Firstly we welcome you at our gioan cooking class 222/17 ly thuong kiet st, hoi an Ancient town, Viet nam.

Our instructor will take you to the market and show every thing for your next cooking class, such as “what is the name of the vegetable? How do you select fresh vegetables, meat and seafood?”

This trip takes around 30-45 minutes which we’ll look at noodles, meat, herb, powders, fish market and taste some tropical fruits.

Then time to cook hands-on for your favorite dishes.

The main chef will explain how to cook in step by step. Besides, we will entertain you by karaoke with some songs, so you will feel like cooking at home.

After that, it’s time for cooking and enjoying your own dishes! We will start cooking each dish and the instructor will show you how to enjoy your food in the Vietnamese way. Come to us with guaranteed satisfaction!