Delivery food available

1/. Fried spring roll. $5usd
2/. Fresh spring roll $5usd
3/. Green papaya salad. $5usd
4/. Green mango salad. $5usd
5/. Country pancake (banh xeo $5usd
6/. Fried wonton $5usd
7/. Phở ( beef noodles soup). $5usd
8/. Aubergine in clay pot. $5usd
9/. Fried noodles shrimp. $7usd
10/ squid salad. $7usd
11/. Hoi an fried rice. $7usd
12/. Pork in clay pot. $7usd
13/. Fish grill in banana leaf. $7usd
14/. Shrimps with ginger & onion $7usd
15/. Crispy shrimps in batter $7usd
16/. Chicken with chili & lemon grass $7usd
17/. B.B.Q beef with sesame seeds $7usd
18/. Vietnamese curry. $7usd
19/. Banana pancake. $3,9usd