Destination GIOAN restaurant and family cookery school

in Hoi An

Hoi An is a living museum. The riverside town of Hoi An oozes charm and culture from every corner. Emphatically, the most enchanting place along the coast, this is one spot worth lingering in.

Hoi An is pedestrian-friendly: The old town is closed to cars, and the distances from all the town hotels to the centre are walkable. There is plenty to do in Hoi An. On the one hand, for a relaxed half-day walk, follow the Hoi An walking tour and enjoy the cultural sites, and sights of the town. On the other hand, other activities to while away a day include taking a Vietnamese cooking class.

Coming to Vietnamese cooking class, at Gioan restaurant, you will have an amazing day with the Gioan cooking school and feel a wonderful difference of Vietnamese cuisine. Just two hours and thirty minutes, you can visit the local market and shop for local ingredients. We will teach you to cook Authentic Vietnamese Dishes of your choice from the menu at our family run riverside restaurant. Anytime, morning or afternoon and evening. We are flexible and everyone is welcome!!!yesyes

We have two branches: Gioan restaurant is on riverside, 95 Bach Dang street and Gioan cokery school is on 222/17 Ly Thuong Kiet street and we have three highly qualified chefs: Ms Hanh, Ms Vina and Mr Ho, who will teach you. Ms Hanh, Ms Vi Na and Mr Ho are friendly and they will make you feel at home.heartheart

We are going to bring you satisfaction, happiness and enjoynable. "Come hungry, guarantee happy"